Welcome! Thanks for checking out my website :) I would love to tell you a little bit about myself. These are some of the typical questions that I get asked about my Nutrition Practice. I hope you find my answers helpful. If you have any other questions that you'd like to know about me and my practice, please be in touch through my contact page.  

Nutritiously Yours, 


What are your designations?

I am a Nutritionist, Registered Dietitian (RD), and I have my Masters in Public Health (MPH). 


Where did you receive your degrees from?

I completed my undergraduate degree in Nutrition and Food at Ryerson University where I earned my Bachelors of Applied Science.

I then completed the Masters program at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health at the University of Toronto where I specialized in Community Nutrition. It was through this program that I also attained my competencies to become a Registered Dietitian. Following my Masters degree, I wrote my Canadian Dietetic Registration Examination (CDRE) and I am a member of the College of Dietitians of Ontario. 


Why do you call yourself both a Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian?

These titles are often used interchangeably even though they are different designations. In Ontario, Registered Dietitian is the only protected title (just like Physician and Nurse). Since the term Nutritionist is not a protected title, it runs the risk of being misused or misunderstood in terms of what formal education and training one has completed. The reason I use both titles is that some people prefer the term Nutritionist, as I have been told that it is more approachable. Professionally and legally, I use the term Registered Dietitian (or Dietitian) to assure my patients/clients that I am Regulated Health Professional. For more information you can learn more at: 



Why did you go into the field of Nutrition and Dietetics? 

Ever since I was a young girl, I was always enthralled with food and nutrition. I knew that I wanted to go into this field right away, so as soon as I finished high school I began my post secondary education in Nutrition. My own health history led me into nutrition at an early age, and I became captivated with how nourishing food could help you feel your best self. The science, art, wisdom and dynamic field of nutrition and food keeps fuelling my desire to learn more and put the knowledge into practice for my patients/clients.